Therapy Dog Foundation Inc.


About The Dogs:



    Therapy Dog Foundation, Inc. is a non profit therapy dog organization whose members are trained to visit nursing homes, hospitals and schools, providing love and cheer to those in need. There are many breeds, large and small that make wonderful therapy dogs.  Whether these dogs are purebred, mixed breeds or even discarded dogs, they have the ability to rise to great heights with love and positive reinforcement training.  To become an accomplished team it requires Patience and a lot of Practice disguised as games.



The canine candidates are first carefully screened for the proper temperament to be able to remain in control while in a hospital or school setting and then undergo extensive and specialized training along with the human member of the team. This includes obedience training and familiarization trips with emphasis on ENJOYMENT.


Finally, before being certified as a therapy dog, each dog must demonstrate that they are predictable in any situation, obedient and naturally kind and friendly . The team leader is always encouraged to have fun with their dog and to always be alert in order to protect their dog from any harm .A Therapy dog team has reached the ultimate in communication, empathy and love.

The human member or the team receives sensitivity training and guidance.  It is not only the patients that benefit therapy dog team visits. The bond between dog and owner is strengthened as they reach out together to enrich the lives of others.


About The Therapy Dog Foundation Founder, Lynn Hoffman:

     I began making visitations with my trained, well behaved dogs as a young girl. These visits continued throughout my life, becoming more frequent over the decades. I observed how people became more animated and looked forward to repeat visits. Wanting to share this wonderful experience with others I began recruiting friends who had well behaved ,obedience trained dogs. These dogs all had charisma..

The Therapy Dog Team concept began over three decades ago. We believed that not just a sweet well behaved dog was important but a dog trained to react properly in all situations, to be responsive and kind and most importantly, reliable. Moreover, the human part of the team must always be alert to any possible harm to his dog and to the client, always aware of safety of the team and others.

Finally to achieve this level of training and still make the process fun is a challenge. But the owners and class do accomplish it.

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