Therapy Dog Foundation Inc.


Training and Preparation as a Therapy Dog Team:

Frequently asked questions regarding Training and Preparation as Therapy Dog Team

-How old does my dog have to be? 

A dog may come to us at any age after their first series of vaccines and veterinarian exam.

-Should the dog be trained first?

It is easier for the owner but the sooner you begin the training the better.

-Is my dog too old?

If you dog is healthy , not in pain, there is no reason to exclude the dog from the TDF. However, one must keep constant vigilance to be sure that the dog has no impediment that would cause harm to itself or others. Just as SENIORS continue to work so should dogs if they are happy and healthy doing so .

-Do I have to commit so going to class every week? 

No , but you will graduate a lot faster. This process should be comfortable and fun. Classes are geared to accommodate the  attendees on that night. Just like the little one room school house.

-When is graduation?

When you and your dog are trained and RELIABLE, three supervised visits are arranged and congratulations are in order.

This process is not fast but it is enriching, exciting and complete.



Upon completion of graduating as a Certified Therapy Dog Team, Therapy Dog Foundation Inc. offers other educational opportunities such as the Red Cross Canine C.P.R. Class

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